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The Age of Chaos
The World after the Pandemic

Adjiedj Bakas


ISBN: 9789083207810 / 9789461853134 (eBook)

We are no longer living in times of change but in a change of times. From history we know that all great changes are preceded by chaos or disorder. In 2020, the corona pandemic shook up the old world order and now we have entered the Age of Chaos. This will redefine our future, with massive changes and, in the end, a new global Renaissance originating in Asia.

Enhanced digitalization, robotization, nano-technology and new energy technology will lead to a new industrial revolution in areas such as healthcare, food, transportation, global supply chains, travelling, infrastructure and manufacturing. We will also adapt to viruses and pandemics, which will continue haunting us. Concurrently, toxic woke identity politics in North America and Europe and the cynicism of our Climate Church will lead to a further rise of Asia and decline of the West.

Adjiedj Bakas (1963) lives and works in his homeland The Netherlands. His family originates from India. His ancestors migrated to Surinam in Latin America, where he was born and raised. He does speaking engagements worldwide. He is considered 'a very important trendwatcher' (China Daily), who 'brilliantly uses his roots in three continents' (Times of India), 'is our country's greatest visionary' ( De Telegraaf daily in the Netherlands), 'rocks on stage' (Singularity University) and 'explodes with enthusiasm' (Suddeutsche Zeitung).

The Age of Chaos is een uitgave van Trends by Bakas. De distributie wordt verzorgd door VanDorp Uitgevers.

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